The historic Museum Luigi Arnulfo

The founder is told through the letters found the farmhouse

The newly arranged museum tells the story of the founder of the cellar. The curiosities of that time are intertwined with the lives of those who in late 1800 knew Luigi Arnulfo, his work in the vineyard and in the winery, its wines and the “avant-garde” of his ideas, from this corner in the Langhe.

Mind, hands and above the heart are brought to light thanks to more than 200 letters and objects found here, spared by time.

Luigi Arnulfo lead us in his epoque, a past that now seems even further, with scientific discoveries, new trade routes, the cultural ferment that led Langhe and the local enologic world to interact with the rest of the world.

The museum tells about Arnulfo, his visionary work in the wine sector, still considered a model nowadays. It introduces us to what is now the world of wine and let us appreciate the slow and laborious gestures repeated every year by grape-growers, today as then.

Letters received by Arnulfo

In the attic of Cascina Bertoroni it was found a treasure from the immeasurable value: the letters that Luigi Arnulfo received from customers, suppliers and relatives between 1800 and 1900. They are the testimony of its business. Some letters also come from abroad, from London and Monaco.
But the most important piece, also exhibited at the museum, is the letter received from San Francisco, California, where Carlo Rossi, the local importer, thanks Arnulfo for the Barolo shipment. A unique testimony.

Barolo Luigi Arnulfo vintage 1883

Another historical heritage of the cellar. Paolo Sartirano finds in 1988 a large bottle on the capacity of one gallon showing the original label used by Luigi Arnulfo, true Barolo pioneer in the world.
Vintage, 1883, designating the place of production “Region Bussia – Fini di Monforte d’Alba,” brand awareness “Luigi Arnulfo owner”. Great innovation for that time.

The entrance

A small room with “L” shape to tell the story of a man, a Barolo producer, a scientist who has changed the fortunes of the wines from Alba and beyond.

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