Costa di Bussia vineyards

Everything stars from here, the soil is our raw material

A good wine comes to life in the vineyard, thanks to the soil characteristics, the sun exposure and the weather. Obviously these natural factors are increased from the hands of the winemakers who know how to enhance these qualities. The area known as Bussia is a “cru” recognized for the wine production, in particular for Barolo. This clay soil in fact is rich in minerals that are transferred from vines to grape and finally to wine, elevating it in structure and complexity.

Undeniable is also the effort that is still required to the workers, perched between the rows, where it’s really difficult to use mechanical machineries. The slope, with comfort damage, however, enhances the quality of the products. The farmers’ eyes and hands take care of the vines and their fruit, which grow in the summer months, became then colored and mature, condensing flavors and intense aromas, slowly transferred to the wine during fermentation phase.

Each stage, in the vineyard and in winery, plays a fundamental role, which is why the wine is essentially balance between natural factors and human dedication.

The bottles produced each year in Costa di Bussia are exclusively obtained by the 11 hectares of vineyards that hug the cellar. The map below is a partition of the vines currently cultivated and it’s amazing how each portion has own geo-climatic characteristics that are supported in seasonal jobs, also during vinification and then we find them also in the glass.

Discover the vineyards of Costa di Bussia

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