Barolo Chinato

Luigi Arnulfo was destined to become a pharmacist and perpetuate his father Carlo’s activity. Despite his change of life, the scientific training still influenced its activity, leading him to create the recipe for its Barolo Chinato, a special liquor used in the past as a natural remedy against the cold and flu.

Even today, our Barolo Chinato is produced with Barolo wine and with an infusion of spices, roots and medicinal plants such as quinine, hence the name “Chinato”, cloves, rhubarb, mint, cinnamon, and many other ingredients, all written in the original recipe from Arnulfo.

Barolo Chinato

Technical sheet

Appellation: Barolo Chinato.

Grape variety: 100% Nebbiolo.

Food pairing: A great dessert wine, digestive and meditation wine, perfect in combination with dark chocolate.