Barolo Chinato and Grappa di Barolo

A new packaging with a new squared bottle

Barolo Chinato

This is how our Barolo Chinato and our Grappa di Barolo looks like.

A new 0.5L square bottle to contain two very valuable products that are very close to the tradition of our territory, but above all to our history.

In the past it was used to havea spoon ful of “chinato” wine in the evening to chase away the seasonal illness, warm the throat and sleep better.

Today our Barolo Chinato is still produced following the old recipe left by Luigi Arnulfo: the Barolo DOCG it is processed and infused with China Calissaya, rhubarb, cloves, mint and other extracts of natural aromatic herbs. The addition of alcohol and sugar makes Barolo Chinato a meditation wine for dessert, as well as an excellent digestive.

Our Grappa di Barolo has changed in terms of both appearance and content. No longer a white grappa, but a yellow grappa, a result of its refining in wooden barrels.

It is distilled from the fermented marc of Nebbiolo from Barolo. It has a broad enveloping fragrance, a light floral note and an unmistakable warm and dry flavor.

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